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Over volt ?

Original poster: "Rich" <rdjmgmt@xxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: Over volt ?
Correction to the HV transformer as 150ma not 120ma. The ballast will be at the LV side of the HV transformer.

I am getting ready to set up the resistive inductive ballast for my next coil. It will be run thru a 120V20amp autotransformer, filters to protect the autotransformer then a 120X208/240/277v transformer to supply the 240/13Kv@120ma transformer. I can adjust part of the ballast with many fine steel wires in the core of 500ft of 12ga. My question is after I get the right amps to flow at the input line to the transformer should I try to run a higher voltage to the ballast to compensate for the VD of the system. I am not an electrical engineer but it seems to me if I get VD at the ballast I should raise the supply voltage at the low voltage transformer taps??
I hope I made my self clear.

Rich, from the middle of Missouri