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Re: Racing Spark Prediction

Original poster: Edward Wingate <ewing7@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx
In a message dated 5/21/06 3:12:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Deema  ( I understand this is a nickname for your name),

Yes, I liked my own explanation that you refered me to.  On many
coils when the quenching fails for whatever reason, the output
sparks get weaker but no racing sparks occur.  On
some coils, racing sparks result.  Maybe it depends on how
close the coil is to being on the verge of producing racing sparks
in normal operation.  Most of my coils quenched on the 2nd or
3rd notch.  I had to use special methods to obtain 1st notch
quenching.  It seems that larger coils have an easier time
obtaining 1st notch quenching.  I never had a large enough area
to run large coils.  At one of Ed Wingate's Teslathons, Bert H
scoped Ed's magnifier and found that it quenched on the first
notch at full power, as the power was decreased the quenching
moved to the 3rd or 4th notch due to decreased streamer loading.
Hi John,

It was Dr. Mark (Rzeszotarski), not Bert, who scoped my magnifier.

Ed Wingate RATCB