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Re: SRSG - rotor attachment

Original poster: FIFTYGUY@xxxxxxx

WRT taper-fit bushings, keep in mind that there are three major types used here in the USA:

1) Taper-Lock
2) Taper-Bushing
3) QD

These are all different semi-proprietary designs with varying degrees of interchangeability. Best to stick to one brand for all components involved to make sure everything functions properly. Browning, Morse, and Dodge are three major brands that spring to mind, although other companies make components to the same standards. In my experience, there's not much functional difference between brands or types. The different designs are available in different sizes, even for the same bore size. There's also some variation in diameter and axial length. Taper-Bushings are the most compact, but are potentially the weakest and the most difficult to disassemble if components are corroded or rusted together. If you need keys to mate to the shaft or rotor, make sure you order components designed accordingly. You should also consider any space requirements for assembly/disassembly/inspection.

-Phil LaBudde