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Re: Slide choke - second request for advise !!

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

yup, that's fine.

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Subject: Re: Slide choke - second request for advise !!

Original poster: "MIKE HARDY" <MHARDY@xxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks mike. I'll go ahead and wind it long and narrow. The real problem
with the laminations is that the stack tends to bulgein the middle. This is
where They need the weld bead. You said the middle is where theflux is most
severe, but I think you mean the inside of the core. So is a bead on the
outside of the center of the core ok?Original poster: "Mike"

I guess it depends on what your goals are. If weight/cost is not a
consideration and your going for max efficiency (mostly L with little R)
then the core would be close to cube shaped with 1:1 turns ratio. Most are
longish for economic/weight reasons. If you don't mind losing a few more
watts of heat and having a bit more of a voltage drop, use what you have. As
far as welding laminations, that also makes little difference. Maybe a few
watts in eddy currents there out of 12kW+ (most of the flux is in the center
and not the corners/outer edges of the cross-section), as long as the bead
is thin.
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Subject: Slide choke - second request for advise !!

> Original poster: "MIKE HARDY" <MHARDY@xxxxxxxxxx>
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> Subject: Slide choke
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> I apologise for re-posting this question, but never received an answer > to
> my real question. (On a side note, DC's invite to investigate this
> experimentally
> is very intriuging, lets talk off-list about this further). So please > read
> all of
> this, including the additional question below. THANKS !!
>  > A while ago I successfully built a slide choke using a 500 Ft spool
>  > of #10 thhn house wire, and coated mild steel tig rods, cut to 12". I
>  > have aquired some "I" laminations that are 1 3/4 inches wide, and 18"
>  > long. I have enough to make 2 , 1 3/4 square cores. I have about 750
>  > ft. of #8 PVC wire. Is the length/width ratio of the coil a major
>  > factor? In other words, can I wind an 18" long coil with the wire I
>  > have, and just use the laminations as is, or should I wind shorter,
> and fatter? I'll be using this with  240v, up to 50 A Initially, and
>   maybe 90A later.
> My second question, is weather I can weld the lamination stack
>   together at the edges? I see this done with MOT's all the time.
>  >
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