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Re: Racing Sparks

Original poster: Jared E Dwarshuis <jdwarshui@xxxxxxxxx>

They only cut across small portion of the sec coil because these are
the areas where multiple frequencies exist, ie, the new "top" of the
coil as formed from the base location, ie, 1/4 wave resonator
length.  These exist in multiples measured from the base and and
completely dependent on the frequency, which of course splits when
critical coupling is exceeded.  Two different freqs equals two
different top 1/4 lamda points.  These points are usually, as you
observed, only a short distance apart from each other.

Dr. Resonance

Hi: Dr. R

From: Jared Dwarshuis

The above seems reasonable.

Would the intermediate section of inductor afflicted by the racing
spark also be considered a half-wave or quarter wave region at it's
own frequency?