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Re: Slide choke - second request for advise !!

Original poster: "Mike" <mike.marcum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I guess it depends on what your goals are. If weight/cost is not a consideration and your going for max efficiency (mostly L with little R) then the core would be close to cube shaped with 1:1 turns ratio. Most are longish for economic/weight reasons. If you don't mind losing a few more watts of heat and having a bit more of a voltage drop, use what you have. As far as welding laminations, that also makes little difference. Maybe a few watts in eddy currents there out of 12kW+ (most of the flux is in the center and not the corners/outer edges of the cross-section), as long as the bead is thin.

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Subject: Slide choke - second request for advise !!

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I apologise for re-posting this question, but never received an answer to
my real question. (On a side note, DC's invite to investigate this
is very intriuging, lets talk off-list about this further). So please read
all of
this, including the additional question below. THANKS !!

> A while ago I successfully built a slide choke using a 500 Ft spool
> of #10 thhn house wire, and coated mild steel tig rods, cut to 12". I
> have aquired some "I" laminations that are 1 3/4 inches wide, and 18"
> long. I have enough to make 2 , 1 3/4 square cores. I have about 750
> ft. of #8 PVC wire. Is the length/width ratio of the coil a major
> factor? In other words, can I wind an 18" long coil with the wire I
> have, and just use the laminations as is, or should I wind shorter,
and fatter? I'll be using this with  240v, up to 50 A Initially, and
 maybe 90A later.
My second question, is weather I can weld the lamination stack
 together at the edges? I see this done with MOT's all the time.