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Original poster: "Victor Valencia" <victor_valencia2@xxxxxxxxxx>

I used a drill press and a wooden jig. The jig was basically a flat piece of wood with some 1/2" square rails nailed parallel to each other with the spacing such that the large PVC tube does not rest on the bottom piece of wood. (hopefully that makes sense). I made sure that the top of the tube was cut perfectly square with the sides so that I could use a metal square to draw lines down the side of the tube. I then experimented with the spacing of these lines so that I got approx 20 mils between each copper tube when mounted. To make things easier drill the holes 50% larger so that you can adjust the copper pipes when you mount them. Victor --- On Wed 05/17, Tesla list < tesla@xxxxxxxxxx > wrote: From: Tesla list [mailto: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx] To: tesla@xxxxxxxxxx Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 21:38:42 -0600 Subject: SEGMENTED SPARK GAP HELP Original poster: Allan & Sandra

Hello List Members
Does anyone have any suggestions or know any tricks as fare as
drilling the pipe sections and pvc pipe so that the segments are
evenly spaced and plumb
inside the pvc when bolted in.
Thanks in Advance
Al Scott
Hamilton ON. CA.