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Re: Racing Spark Prediction

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Terry.

> Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> The current is less at the top of the coil but there would be some
> reverse voltage in that case...

i need another simulator to confirm that this voltage would present
any problem ; )

> Thinking.... #%&:-p  Integrating  |\:-p   ....

LOL, you always know how to force me in ROTFLMAO mode : )))

> The DRSSTC folks really like high coupling so this might be very
> useful to them!!!!

i thought you are the one of them - something has changed radically since
last time? : )
you guys are don`t stop surprising me - this idea is 10-years old, all
you need to check this is just to (re)wind a small quantity of wire,
since your or Conner`s secs are small enough, then the heck are you
waiting for? : ) hey - try to remember the time when you wound a few
secs just to study Cself behaviour, you call it "nonlinear winding" or
smth like that, and in the end just gave them to Mark : )

> I imagine there is a "perfect" place for the reverse winding to begin
> other that the exact 2/3 point up the coil.  But something like
> Paul's program would be needed to find that.

i wouldn`t be surprised if he did it already a few years back, but
then i don`t understand his silence even more - why just not say that
all of this is just crap or on the contrary? probably it is a
"deep dark secret" ^_____^