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Re: SISG MOT system ballasting question?

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

100 to 120 mH will do it.

Since MOTs are not as efficient as pole xmfrs you might get away with a straight laminated core, perhaps 2 x 2 inches square, taped up, and 250-400 turns of #12 AWG magnet wire (tapped for multiple current selections).

Dr. Resonance

I have been working on collecting parts for the 280W SISG system. Tons of parts come in tomorrow.

But I am a little "stuck" on "how" to ballast the MOTs. It is a dual MOT full bridge rectifier. The MOTS charge a 150nF cap to 5600V at 120 BPS.


My brain is sort of fried at this point and I never have played with ballasted systems before... It is run off a variac so there is room to play... I was going to model it and all, but fighting the models will take hours... Maybe someone just knows the value of inductor or resistor it needs? *:-))

I got the "parts" to make anything...

The SISG will fire at 5600 volts, so I need to recharge the 150nF cap at 120BPS for 282 watts of fun ;-)

I was going to figure it out tomorrow morning but the county ran an earth mover into a fence... So I will be in the mountains tomorrow stretching wire...