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Re: Max anode voltage?

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Out of curiosity, how fast to vacuum tubes switch?


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If tubes are anything like light bulbs, you may take a significant
hit on filament longevity by running them at 10% overvoltage.  I read
somewhere that the life of an incandescent lamp varies as the inverse
cube of the current, so that works out to about 75% of the rated lifetime.


With 10% more filament voltage you can probably double the saturation

    I think that the effect of overvoltage on life is even greater
than you state - there's information on it in my RCA Transmitting
Tube handbook but it isn't handy right now.  Depends on the filament
(pure tungsten, thoriated tungsten, oxide-coated, etc.).  On the
other hand, life is probably not much of a consideration in TC work
and some overvoltage is undoubtedly permissible.