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RE: Where can I find 942C20P15KF Cornell Dubilier caps?

Original poster: "Mccauley, Daniel H" <daniel.h.mccauley@xxxxxxxx>

An alternative to these capacitors are the GE 42L series capacitors, in
particular the 0.33uF @ 2kV.  These are readily available at
www.alliedelec.com and work extremely well.  We use them exclusively for
spark gap coils, DRSSTCs, and other pulsed power applications and had
maybe 1 or 2 fail out of all those coils.

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Hi Karl,

  I built the tank capacitor for my 4" coil from 22 Multi-Mini
Capacitors.  They are 0.15 uF 2000 VDC Cornell Dubilier caps, Part
942C20P15K-F.  The "F" in the part number means that the caps are RoHS
compliant: lead-free terminations.  I purchased them from Eilene at
Richardson Electronics, phone number 1-888-735-7358.  If you try to
them from their Web site, you have to purchase a minimum quantity; not
so if
you call directly.

Cordially, Hal from Tucson

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Subject: Where can I find 942C20P15KF Cornell Dubilier caps?

 > Original poster: "Karl L." <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 > Hi all,
 > I'm starting to gather parts for another HV project, and I'm having a
 > hard time sourcing the Cornell Dubilier 942C20P15KF caps.  Rell.com
 > is out of stock, and I have not had any luck locating another
 > These will be for an MMC.  I've used the Panasonic P10515-ND from
 > DigiKey with great results, but I would prefer the CD caps.  Any
 > Karl