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Re: New Baby!!! SISG!! 2:52PM (MST) weighing in at 0.78 Oz / 900Volts at 800 Amps!!!!!!

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

At 09:59 PM 5/11/2006, Gerry wrote:
Hi Terry,

I'm a little confused, I can see any difference between the two pictures. Seems the "before" and "after clamp" both have around 36 Volts. BTW, what is the max gate voltage???

The clamped picture has flat topped waveforms showing that the voltage level is real and that the TVS are kicking in a little bit.

Gerry, the gap resistance number is now 0.05 ohms...

Great!! I wonder if it is possible to use this concept for an AC power supply so one can use the SRSG techneque to suck more power from the transformer than its is rated for.

It is a DC blocker based on Antonio's idea. Probably one of the most important ideas ever!! I think it got lost in the archives. But it is here:


Of course with a 900VDC power supply, we are not talking about NSTs anymore. What are readily available transformers for this circuit???

They are designed to be "stacked". Each section is 900V but they can be stacked to any voltage. A long array can also be taped at any section for variable power.

Do you have guidelines for applying this SISG.  For example, is this a
direct replacement for the static gap in my 12kV, 60 ma coil?  Would it
then be necessary to apply 12000/900 , or at least 14 SISG units in
series.  I must be missing something, cause that sounds real expensive.



You would have to rectify the NST output which is not super hard using many cheap diodes in series. You do need a lot of sections and they are expensive. That is the only bad thing about it. The IGBTs cost so much... They are the latest and greatest I am using, but maybe there are cheaper that will work.

So how much does or did  one of these super IRGPS60B120KDP IGBTs  with more
active area than a cow actually cost in dollars??

Robert (R. A.) Jones
A1 Accounting, Inc., Fl
407 649 6400

$23.00 "each"   $18.40 for 10 or more.  I just got 20...

I hope to get some kind of coil wired up today. I only have two sections so the power will be low. I will also write up a more detailed paper rather than the 7 or whatever out there now.