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Re: New Baby!!! SISG!! 2:52PM (MST) weighing in at 0.78 Oz / 900Volts at 800 Amps!!!!!!

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Terry,

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Note the extra kludged on components... I thought getting ride of the wire inductance on a "real PC board" would fix the gate voltage going too high problem. But not quite at 800 amps =:O


35.6 volts on the gate is not terrible... But adding another TVS (I guess "transorb" is "old now"...) to the gate would fix this and probably make the module more "streamer hit proof" if it got hit. I wondered too, if it was just probe error being near an 800 amp signal... So I got a 20V and 15V TVS and added them to see:


It is nice to know that those $1200 probes really do work perfectly :-))) The extra transorb - Opps... "TVS" clamps the voltage right on and does not hurt the turn-on margin at all... So it is a new part now... That emitter inductance is a "real thing"....

I'm a little confused, I can see any difference between the two pictures. Seems the "before" and "after clamp" both have around 36 Volts. BTW, what is the max gate voltage???

Gerry, the gap resistance number is now 0.05 ohms...

Great!! I wonder if it is possible to use this concept for an AC power supply so one can use the SRSG techneque to suck more power from the transformer than its is rated for. Of course with a 900VDC power supply, we are not talking about NSTs anymore. What are readily available transformers for this circuit???

Looking forward to actual TC operation.:o))

Gerry R.