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DRSSTC Book Released

Original poster: "Daniel McCauley" <dhmccauley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I would like to officially announce the release of my new book, "DRSSTC: Building the Modern Day Tesla Coil." This book documents the electrical and mechanical design of several different DRSSTC systems including my original DRSSTC I and II system (previously presented in my book, "DRSSTC II : A Modern Day Tesla Coil Experiment") as well as newer and more recent DRSSTC designs. The book includes complete electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, simulated data, experimental data, test and operational procedures, a photo gallery, and more . . .

Full details and ordering information can be found here as well as a preview. Although keep in mind, the present preview is poor quality and
i'm working to update that in the next day or two.

Complete Book Details and Ordering Information

Book Images


There are two versions available, a FULL COLOR version for $54.99 and a B&W version for $24.98.

Enjoy and thanks to all who helped out in this effort!!!