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Re: NST Depotting Experience +

Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Most of the time when you kill a neon it is just shorted through the tar. Once you get an arc through the tar you have a perment carbon track for it to arc over and over every time you turn on the neon again. Usually all that is needed is to melt the tar, stir the tar around a little bit, let it cool, and it will work fine again. You can mix in 50% high voltage oil into the tar then pour it back into the metal neon case and let it cool. The HV oil + tar is a big inprovement over just tar alone.

Gary Weaver

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>Subject: NST Depotting Experience
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>Hi All,
>I mentioned during a separate thread that I had killed my 12/60 NST.
>So, I went through a depotting experience (my first). I wrote up this
>experience. I thought those who are in the middle of such an
>experience or are thinking about it might enjoy this read.
>It really wasn't that bad of an experience and the results were well worth it.
>Take care,