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Re: SSTC transformers

Original poster: Shaun Epp <scepp@xxxxxxx>


Why do you want to use such a high voltage on the primary circuit?
If you want more power out of your SSTC you could do what I did and partially resonate your primary. What you do is bypass the DC blocking capacitors between your H bridge and the the primary coil and insert a capacitor bank there. I used my MMC from my SGTC and it worked out to near resonance with the secondary (almost perfect), I also use a 220VAC step up transformer and a variac. I can turn up the variac between 90 and 100VAC (which is connected to the step up transformer) before I have to worry about popping the mains breaker : - )) If the capacitor bank reactance is too close to the primary coil reactance at secondary resonance, It will just blow the breaker, or blow your MOSFETs.

Good luck

Shaun Epp

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Subject: SSTC transformers

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In an H-Drive configuration, two semiconductors are in series with the load at all times. Could you then supply the drive with twice the voltage that a single semiconductor could handle (ex. Drive made of 1000V IGBT's supplied with 2000V). Also, where is a good place to find a transformer for an SSTC coil?