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Re: Philips Defibulator

Original poster: "Drake Schutt" <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>


Im a total n00b when it comes to all of this high voltage and tesla stuff but I am not sure how great of an investment a defib is. I read somewhere a while ago when defibs were becoming available to the public that defibs are less effective than CPR. They also cost in the thousands of dollars. I would say having a friend trained in CPR would be a better investment, though both would be about as prepared as you can get. That being said Im sure theres someone out there who has had their life saved by one, so you can't argue with that. All in all though, unless youve got money to burn I wouldnt invest in one.

just my humble 2 cents

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Hi All.

I am wonder if a defib would be a worthwhile safety addition in our
trade. Fire extinguishers and at times HV gloves and bang sticks are
worth while. I don't recall anyone mentioning a defibrillator on hand.

As I recall electric shock sends the heart into ventricular
fibrillation (chaos on the scope). 5 minutes of this is damaging,
perhaps fatal to the victim.

I any members are MD's or paramedics, your opinion would be welcome.

Jim Mora