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FW: Tungsten rod - GROUP ORDER

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Jon, Et all,

I am able to 1.5" green cut to size at great prices.

Hmm I'm liking 10kw! I have a 11" g10 / 8 electrodes... heat sinked best
within reason. How do the flying electrodes stand up? What cap size are you
using and what Break rates? Asrg or srg? I'm about to use this to test a
20KVA commercial saturable reactor.

My 18: rotor is under beginning construction. Eight 2.25" and 2 stationary
9/16 " heat sinked with bead blasted 5" hard drive spaced platers attached
to 2 stationary 8"x3x3 solid aluminum columns.
Email if you want get some .5 pure, the bulk buy was $15.00 / 1.5" as I
remember. My welding supply at school rates couldn't touch that. What are
you rates?

Jim Mora

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Original poster: "Jon Danniken" <danniken@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 > Original poster: "Stephen Mathieson"
 > No, I used 1/4" tungsten for my flying electrodes and for the fixed
 > electrodes I ordered some 1/2" electrodes from Miller.
 > For flying electrodes 1/4" works fine at 10KW.

Stephen, do you remember (or have written down) the part number for the 1/2"
electrodes you bought from Miller?  I get blank stares when I ask locally,
and a part number would be very helpful.