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Re: wanted-572B tube

Original poster: Fucian@xxxxxxx In a message dated 5/8/2006 1:21:04 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Matt,

The 572B will easily replace the 811A and work better.  For a Tesla
coil, they are very similar but the 572 will be able to push more power ;-)

One thing to be very careful of is many of the e-bay New tubes made
in China are crap. Many of them will just fall apart or die on the
first power up.  I would not trust any tube made in China these
days...  I found this out the hard way...

You really want new Svetlana or an old ham tube someone pulls from a
radio that everyone knows is good.  Preferably made by someone we
have heard of like RCA.  If you do have to buy new, RF parts has all kinds:


I see they have china ones too with a 1 year warranty.  It is
possible they get the "good ones" while e-bay is selling the
rejects...  One could call RF parts and quiz them for the "whole story" there.



Yea, that is something i had wondered about...Every now and then a cetron pops up...I also chose to "hunt" the 572B as it is the most powerful/best tube that will both fit my socket, and run on my filament transformer(thus allowing me to avoid a rebuild of the system).
No other tiode ive seen in this particular type package seems to be better..