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wanted-572B tube

Original poster: Fucian@xxxxxxx
Hello all,
my vttc based on an 811A is doing good, but it just gets hot quick. After destroying one 811A(messed with the feedback coil a bit too much, and 500watts on the plate :-D), i have fallen in love with the 572B(from what ive read about it). A graphite plate, high voltage, and most importantly...RUNS ON MY 6.3volt 8amp filament transformer :-)))))

I won a GE 833A triode on ebay, but just hate the idea of a 10vac 10amp filament transformer. Im rewinding a 1kw 60hz toroidal transformer for 10vac right now in case i have to go with the 833A. Ive checked ebay for the 572B, and the majority are pricey NEW chinese tubes. I dont want a new tube, as its going straight to tesla use.

Anyone out there have a few used 572B tubes for a good price?Or want to trade for the 833A?