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Re: New coiler, also in search of 15kv and De-Potting tar filled NST's

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Drake,

If you don't have any luck searching your local neon shops, I can offer you a 60 ma transformer for between $50-$75. France and Allanson's that are mint get the most$, Newer Magnetek's are slightly less, and if the bushings have a chip (a cosmetic issue rather than performance ailment) then I adjust the price downaward accordingly.

Seeings that there has been a lot of talk with regards to dislodiging cores and coils from their tar filled homes, I thought I'd mention this; I have half a dozen or more 60 MA 12 and 15 kv NST's that have had one or more of the HV bushings sheared off. These are other wise great units, SO, if some ambitious soul wants to have a backyard tar melting festival, these would be PRIME candidates for either de-shunting and/or just paralell connection of multiples for greater current...

If interested in one or more, let me know. I also get great commercial shipping rates and am very flexible with regards to crating and shipping...


I've had good luck repairing transformers with "sheared off bushings" by just melting away the tar around the bushing until I could get access to the HV lead and and using a new bushing made of plastic. I found a bunch of transformers lying in the ice plant beside a freeway on ramp once. Apparently they had slid off the bed of a truck when the guy went around the corner too fast. Saw one sticking out onto the curbing and returned and found a half dozen others, most of which had the bushing beaten up at one end but with enough of the bolt left that I could easily get at the HV lead for a new attachment. One was in worse shape but I was able to melt the tar away from the opening in the case using a potent hot air gun. Made new insulators from fiberglass rod because I happened to have a bunch, but I think almost any insulating material (including dry and wax-impregnated wood) would work just as bell.