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Re: Sold state IGBT disruptive coil spark gap idea

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


I have been working on making the actual SIDAC/IGBT gap. Maybe it could be called a "SISG" for Sidac Igbt Spark Gap. It gets sort of bad though when we have to have abbreviations for abbreviations :o)) There must be a "long story" behind "SIDAC" :D

The PC board becomes economical with a bunch of circuits are put on one board like this:


I had to use a smaller cap and gate resistor but that is trivial. I can either use #6 screw hardware, solder directly, or use those PCB terminal blocks for the primary loop connections. The tight layout should help keep the gate voltage from overdriving like my hand-wired board does (wiring inductance at very high current). Other boards can be mounted turned 180 degrees to help make many of the interconnections.

The only worry is how to heat sink the IGBTs. If I am really lucky, they might be fine as is. The "SUPER 247" package does not have normal screw holes but is a clip mount thing. I might be able to cut aluminum and drill it for clip holes or just epoxy them on. These are 595 watt devices (!!) (I assume that is bolted to a glacier of frozen helium...) so gluing a heatsink for 5W is probably fine too. I found an IGBT with twice the die size of the old ones so maybe they will really crank out some current beyond 350 amps! They apparently grove the die to give it the surface area of a cow or something... The price is higher but not prohibitive for this already expensive thing. The rated current is limited by the package leads vaporizing :-)))

BTW - I am not selling boards since I need to be sure it really all works and the layout is right. If there is interest maybe there could be a bulk buy of nice boards and all. But we have to be sure it works rock solid first. If anyone just has to try it now, the file for ExpressPCB is here, but zero guarantees: