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TC Caps, Spheres, et. al.

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Hello All:

I've several goodies for sale.  Namely, spheres of cu & al from 2" to 14" in
diameter, one Toroid of 34" in diameter (contact me for exact specs), and two
super high 'Q' Tesla specific capacitors of 0.01 micro Farad, built by CSI
Capacitors (Gary Grieser designed them.  By the way, he's been designing Tesla
capacitors for over 20 years).  I also have metallized polypropylene caps for
MMC's, in bags of 100, from Panasonic (now discontinued) that were manufactured
for pulse discharge applications, I think they're rated for 2000 V, perfect for
MMC's.  There's probably a few other items that elude me at the moment but do
contact me at:

john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Also, I do have small toroids for table-top coils.


John & Scottie Cooper

Irvine, CA
949 701-0005 or 701-2323