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Re: Melting tar out of NSTs with a Weber (grill)

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t@xxxxxxxxx>

I did several Frances in my oven. It was a gas oven
with an electronic temp control, so I could start with
a low temp and slowly ramp it up 5 degrees at a time,
allowing enough time for the nst to heat up. Once I
found the temp where it started to soften, I'd put it
in a cheap SS wok and tip it onto its side. I was able
to get most tar out this way, without creating any
smoke or fumes. Occassionally, I'd take it outside and
dig the tar out with a wooden popsicle stick, to speed
up the process. You'll still need some sort of solvent
to really clean it up.


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> Original poster: Shaun Epp <scepp@xxxxxxx>
> It ruins your BBQ and makes lots of smoke.  I
> wouldn't recommend it!
> shaun
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> >Original poster: "Robert Hanford"
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> >Hello,
> >Does anybody have experience with melting the
> potting material out using a
> >grill? I think it is a better bet for me than using
> the oven, and I am tired
> >of using the gasoline method.
> >Any tips, replies, most appreciated.
> >Robert Hanford