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Re: GIANT(!) TCML archive text file.

Original poster: dest <dest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>


just a quick comment.

> Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I put all the TCML posts since mid 1999 into a single giant text
> file.  Every single post right up to a few days ago.  It is a 185 Meg
> pure text file.  Notepad in Windows XP will open it given a few
> minutes.  You need lots of RAM and a fairly fast PC...  I tried a few
> word processors and they choked out...  I am running 3GHz  1G RAM
> with no paging file in XP.  Windows Notepad (XP) seem to do the
> best.

> Once the monster is loaded, one can easily search out text in it.

> > Probably not much use without a special search program.

i`m scared like heck : O
LOL, Terry, even ROTFLMAO i must notice : )
to open a file and search smth in it you have absolutely no need to
load it in memory - i just opened 485 mb pack from quake 3 with
Norton Commander (did you remember Peter? : D), that is '95 wintage -
just can`t find something more older. it took less than 500kb of
memory, so "I" will feel good even on 486 - playing Duke Nukem 3D! : P

Cheers : )