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Re: Setting up a pole pig's wiring

Original poster: "Barton B. Anderson" <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Don,

Good observation. The spec plate "should" represent phase. It may or may not represent how the terminals are configured. I see subtractive polarity is plainly labeled on the plate. Interesting, I thought all "distribution" transformers should be additive polarity, but apparently, that isn't so.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Take care,

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Don Murray <don@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

ours have a diagram showing this, or simply a
description? Mine does 14.4 and 7.2 kV so two diagrams
for the LV side.

Two diagrams for the LV side show  series and parallel you have to
remove the lid to make this change.

This is a subtractive polarity transformer X 1,2,3 left to right
additive polarity would be X 3,2,1 left to right. To test for Polarity
jumper H1 to the left X bushing put 240V across H1 and H2 now read volts
 across H2 and right X bushing if you get 264V it is additive if you get
 216V it is subtractive.

 I fixed a typo