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coilform size and AWG wire wize

Original poster: "D.C. Cox" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

On the 4 inch ID PVC coils we run #28 AWG 150 degree C. wire with good success. I've also run 30 AWG but this is only necessary if running a 9 kV 30 mA xmfr as opposed to a 12 kV 30 mA xmfr. With 60 mA available current I usually run a 6 inch ID PVC coilform for good output.

John Freau's toroids work great on most all 30 mA coils. I usually run a 20 x 5 when going up to 60 mA and 6 inch dia. coilform.

Dr. Resonance

In a message dated 5/1/06 12:33:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

example, my little 4.5" coil is only 895 turns with 24 awg. D.C.
would likely add two or three hundred more turns and use a smaller
gauge wire. This may be a phenomenon for high L coils. I guess only
D.C. could say if he's done the same testing with lower turn coils.