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Re: Sold state IGBT disruptive coil spark gap idea

Original poster: FutureT@xxxxxxx In a message dated 5/1/06 12:32:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

Hi John,

Interesting,  on my static gap TC, I scoped the primary and most
bangs were 1st or 2nd notch quenched.  Now that Im using a rotary,
its not as obvious on the scope.  I dont remember seeing any
subsequent notches even though the mechanical dwell time would
support it.


In some cases it's possible to pick up some energy from both
the primary and secondary, and this may hide the notches.
It depends on whether you're using an antenna type pickup,
or scoping right at the transformer output, etc.

Maybe this is because the gap separation is so small

that voltage at the rsg gap doesnt change noticably. Maybe I need to
monitor the voltage at the cap/primary node.

Yes, that may help.

If what you say is

true, then maybe this 1st notch quenching is not as important as it seems.

And there's Terry's comment that folks have been finding that the
speed of the energy transfer matters.  In the speed scenario,
1st notch quenching may not be important either (except that
it delays the cap re-charging).

I wonder how accurate JAVATC's predicted k is and if this can be a
basis for comparing different coils and avoid the measurement.

I'm sure it's pretty accurate if we can get accurate measurements
from folks.


Gerry R.