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Re: Wisconsin Teslathon

Original poster: stan gray <wsmg@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hey Steve, I emailed D C and he told me Sept. 9, 12: to 11:30pm, he'll be
there around 11:am. If I don't fry it  before I get there I'm bringing the
9" coil D C had on the salvage table. I've been getting 11' but I'm still
I'm driving it with a Thordarson 7.2kva 12kv 0.6amp dry bombarder. What a

See you then,

Stan Gray

Tesla list wrote:

> Original poster: "Steve Ward" <steve.ward@xxxxxxxxx>
> Ive been off list for some time now, so im not sure if this has been
> covered yet.
> D.C., if you see this, could you post details about this year's
> teslathon (assuming its going to happen this year)?  September is just
> a month away now, so im sure the attendees will want to start planning
> ahead.  Im planning on making it and bringing my large DRSSTC with
> 10'+ sparks, and whatever else i can fit in the car.
> Steve Ward