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Original poster: "Peter Terren" <pterren@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

You seem to have no concept of how we prove that a medical treatment works. Studies these days are based on double blinded randomised controlled clinical trials aiming to show "significance" ie a probability of less than .05 (1 in 20) that it could have occurred by chance and are published in peer reviewed journals. Your evidence of miracle healing has no validity by any of these categories. Your beliefs are just that and you offer anecdotes only. Cite clinical evidence on this scientific forum please or head off to Keely.net where you will be greeted with open arms by like minded people.
I like your dismissal of Modern Medicine.


Original poster: "Paul Gryting" <pgryting@xxxxxxxxxxx>
... Appreciate the warning, but I for one do not believe in the discredits for
these devices.
I have an old MWO system hand built sometime in the 1950's by a friend of my
For years he had one setup in the 'shop' out back and allowed anyone who
wanted to take treatments.
And I have also used it on myself, on things like broken limbs.
I was able to take a cast off of my foot in 3 weeks, and run around again,
when the doctor said he would change the cast two months, and I'd where it
for another month or so after that.
Had similar experience when I broke my knee. Both times, 3 weeks later,
x-ray showed completely healed.
I have seen cancer patients diagnosed with weeks to live, live out many more
years, and all
   insist that their pain was lessoned when they continued taking regular
MWO treatments.
I have numerous personal observations that this contraption does appear to
affect (speed up) the healing process.
Modern medicine tends to discredit anything that they can't stuff in a pill.
I'm not saying it's a cure all.
I just believe that it helps speed up the natural healing process,
   and I would like to be able to build another one.

The example I have uses parts you just can't get anymore,
 (like the coil off of a 1930 ford truck)
  And... unfortunately I don't have schematics...