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Re: tesla museum

Original poster: "Nele" <morfeus@xxxxxxxx>


It is not Branimir Jovanovic any more. Now the director is Vladimir
Jelenkovic. Its only the data that is very old. After Brana Jovanovic, the
director was Maria Sesic who died recently, so now the director is Vladimir.
His personal email is: vladimir.jelenkovic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The address is also new... after the situations we have had in here, the
street name is diferent (again, Proleterskih brigada is old data on the
Internet). It is Krunska 51.
You have to pay attention to that, because Taxi drivers claim from time to
time that they do not know where the Museum is :) especialy if they realise
that you are a stranger.
Hope this helps.


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> Nikola Tesla Museum
> Proleterskih brigada 51
> 11000 Beograd
> Working time of museum:
> 7-15h
> Visiting hours:
> Monday: closed
> Tuesday-Friday: 10-12h and 16-18h
> Saturday, Sunday: 10-13h
> Phone / fax: +381-11-433-886
> Museum manager:
> Dr Branimir JovanoviÄ?
> E-mail: <ntmuseum@xxxxxxxx>
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> Hello,
> I will be going to Northern Italy for a holliday soon and if I have
> the time I would like to go and visit the Tesla museum in Yugoslavia,
> or whatever it is called now. Would someone be able to tell me where
> it is and what is the best way to get there and if someone has the
> phone number for the museum.
> Thanks
> Claude.