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Re: Terry's Little SISG Research Coil

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Scott,

At 09:49 PM 7/18/2006, you wrote:
Terry -

Is there a particular reason why you are using a resistor instead of an
inductor for current-limiting on the high side of the DC power supply in
your small SISG coil? The resistor is described in your "Small SISG Tesla
Coil" white paper, but not why it is used instead of an inductor. In this
specific application, what are the benefits and drawbacks of resistance vs


The resistor is smaller, cheaper, more reliable. Nothing can go wrong with the resistor. I was also able to picks it's value for just what I wanted in terms of charging current. It only dissipates about 20W which is not a factor with the fan.

The resistor does not store energy or resonant so nothing odd like that is introduced. It was originally going to be a slider variable type but I was able to fiddle with things so that it hits all the BPS rates with a simple 5k fixed type.

It could be argued that the resistor is just wasting energy, but the MOT sucks 1/2 an amp anyway. The overall power is so low it just does not matter.

For the next SISG coil I will still use a resistor too if I can stand the heat loss. But I think it would be like 500 watts then (bigger coil >:-))) so I will have to go back to the high voltage standoff inductor.