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Re: Nylon nuts and bolts

Original poster: "Vince  D'Amore" <teslatech@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Here is another idea although it's going to sound sort of strange.
They offten use nylon nuts and bolts to fasten toilet seats and lids.
perhaps those would be an option?

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Subject: Nylon nuts and bolts

> Original poster: "Justin Kimber" <jmkimber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi, I've been to all the local places I can think of, and even looked
> at some mail order places, but I cant find a source for decent sized
> nylon components for attaching my secondary. Id not been worrying
> about it, but as I'm just finishing coating the secondary, its
> getting to the stage that I need to be thinking of mounting it and
> attaching my top load somehow. I'm in AU by the way, so if anyone out
> there can give me a decent source, or even an alternative method for
> doing the job, id much appreciate it.
> Thanks.
> -Justin