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Best Maxwell caps?

Original poster: "Bill Wilson" <wtw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dr. Resonance can you please tell us the proper maxwell to use? Thank you for you time.

 > Proper Maxwells nearly never fail.  I only had one Maxwell fail in
 > twenty five years I that was because I over-volted it.
 > I did say the "proper Maxwell".  The .03 units everyone is getting
 > off the internet has two problems.  First, you have absolutely no
 > idea how many cycles is has seen prior to your operating it.  Second,
 > these were only designed for a few pulses per second and no where
 > near the 400 pps you were operating at.
 > The correct Maxwell, operating in it's normal range, designed for
 > 100% voltage reversal, will not fail.  We have them running in
 > museums all over the world literally doing shows every hour on the
 > hour 24/7 with no failures in over 35 years of operating.
 > The main problem with your .03 uF Maxwell is that is was not designed
 > to operate anywhere near the pulse range you were running it at.
 > Dr. Resonance