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Grounding Question.

Original poster: "Glen McGowan" <glen.mcgowan@xxxxxxxxx>

I'm building a TC from the attached schematic. From the looks of the drawing I'm double grounded. The secondary is grounded to the mains and earth. The NST's are all grounded via a shared grounding plate which is mains grounded.


C1 and C2 are there to limit noise fed back into the house wiring (some of it at least). I understand that grounding the secondary to the grounding plate can produce lethal currents but is there any advantage to doing this? This may be a rhetorical question. I assume the secondary would "choose" the earth ground before it reached the mains ground because earth would be the shortest distance. But according to the drawing the NST's HV and LV's are both using the mains ground as is the secondary (has a "choice" of using mains or earth).

I apologize if the post was hard to follow. I've scratched the same spot on my head for the past hour. It's starting to bleed.