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RE: DRSSTC PCB Boards - Available in August - FULL DETAILS

Original poster: <dhmccauley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


These boards will include the following, which of course, will be
downloadable as PDF documents at any time before you order.

	1.  Schematic
	2.  Datasheet (instructions, etc...)
	3.  Parts List
	4.  Single source parts list (i.e. Digikey)

If you follow the design of my DRSSTC III system, you can expect spark
lengths exceeding 40 inches using a single half-bridge and with the
interrupter design, have all sorts of spark effects.



> Sweet. So will is be like a "kit" that you can assemble without an EE
> doctorate? At the moment I can barely wrap my head around how a SISG
> works. Using the exact parts what kind of (ballpark) spark length can
> be expected?
> Mike

> >Due to popular request, I'm offering a wide range of PCB boards and
> custom
> >front panels for your SSTC and DRSSTC needs.  In particular, I will be
> >offereing the following boards:
> >
> >1.  Advanced Interruptor Board
> >2.  Advanced Interruptor Custom Front Panel
> >3.  DRSSTC Control Board
> >4.  DRSSTC Display Board
> >5.  DRSSTC Display Custom Front Panel
> >6.  DRSSTC Power Section (half-bridge)
> >
> >These will be available sometime in August and will be available for
> >ordering through my websites.
> >
> >Full details can be found here:
> >http://www.drsstcbook.com/pcbboards.htm
> >
> >Dan
> >
> >