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Re: ASRG blowing diodes

Original poster: David Speck <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


You may be experiencing an antenna effect -- your body is acting as an antenna, and you are getting shocked when you ground yourself to the motor case. It's you who's picking up the RF current, not the motor housing, assuming it is solidly grounded. I experience this effect frequently when I run my smaller coils up close for my Halloween "Mad Scientist" lightning show. I've had to put extra large insulating knobs on my Variacs, because I'm tired of drawing arcs to my thumb from the setscrew in the knob shafts, even though I'm probably 7 feet from the toroid.


However I got some pretty good shocks from the case of the PS. As I
said, it's grounded to line ground. Any ideas here? I don't recall this