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RE: PCB test kits....5KW transformers

Original poster: "Jack King" <ekklekktikk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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Subject: RE: PCB test kits....5KW transformers
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 20:32:46 -0600

Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I went to the scrap yard today. The 3 transformers are bolted to some type of heavy steel beam mounting fixture device designed to bolt to a power line pole. The scrap yard refuses to sell only the transformers. They want me to buy the entire thing including the steel mounting device. It weighs in at 1247 lbs. At 50 cents a lbs that comes to $685.85 with sales tax. If the metal fixture is removed, guessing weighs aprox 1000 lbs, resold for 4 cents a lbs. then $685 minus $40 = $645.85. I personally would not pay this price. If I could buy the transformers without that (ship anchor) the price would be closer to reasonable...

Your metal yard is WAY out of line with scrap prices! as they pay nowhere near what they are asking you to pay! 25 cents a pound is more realistic, and at that, they should let you un-bolt the transformers from the useless frame.

I guess I'm fortunate to have great rapport with a place I horse trade stuff with, and in return, I give them leads on big decommisioned multi Mva transformers - so they kinda like me...lol. Heck, my yard would swap me for "like scrap" - as they really don't care so much about what the commodity or working status is - just so the copper and iron are present...

I wanted to mention the transformers looks like gray plastic with white insulators on top. They ohm out fine.

I'm sure they are perfect. Maybe these are old buried vault type transformers...worth having, but not at 50 cents-lb.

There is also a dumpster full of HV insulators. These things are hugh about 6 ft long probably 10" diameter with a bunch of metal stuff bolted to them. I bet one of these insulator weighs 200 lbs or more. Interesting junk but I have no use for it.

Big monster coilers and freakish furniture makers like these things. Imagine the coil platform or end table lamps you could build...lol



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>Subject: RE: PCB test kits....5KW transformers
>Original poster: "Jack King" <ekklekktikk@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>They are definately worth snagging - if the $ is right. Being dry
>from the get go, no PCB worries, and they will save your aching back!
>Depending on a few factors, you could configure "the twins" in a
>series-series or series -paralelly config, so you could utilize 220
>in and get 10,000 out @ double the current or 20,000 V out...Heck any
>Neon shop would be happy for such a rig.
>Also, even though they state 110 pri (or sec I guess) maybe they are
>bi-filar wound, so you could recnfigure the lv side in
>series...Lastly, the voltage drop you would realize from something
>like a slide choke would place things down in the 160-170 v realm -
>SO- seing that all utility stuff is way overbuilt and would have a
>high BIL voltage, you could *likely* get away with overvolting the
>transformer for the limited duty cycle runs you would (likely) be
>using it for...
>Grab em' if they are affordable - and I sincerely doubt the utility
>would have any use for them anyway!
>Jack KIng
>holler at me if you need a suitable ballast too :) 801-604-5136
>>From: "Tesla list" <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
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>>Subject: PCB test kits....5KW
>>Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 19:03:34 -0600
>>Original poster: gary350@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>I talked to Bobby Stevens at the power company maintenance shop.  He
>>says it is extremely rare to find a transformer these days with
>>PCBs.   The last one they found was 5 years ago.  They dump the PCB
>>oil into a burn tank with lots of other used oil and set it on fire.
>>There are 3 old power line transformers at the scrap yard that the
>>power company trashed.  They are all DRY type transformers.   The
>>tag on one transformer is marked 110 VAC secondary, 10,000. VAC
>>primary, single phase, 5 KW, the date is 1950.  The insulators on
>>top are about 4" tall.   The tag on the other transformer says the
>>same thing only difference is its 3KW.
>>The other transformer has NO tag but the physical size is identical
>>to the 3KW transformers.   Bobby Stevens said they were cleaning up
>>and found them back in the corner of the building probably been
>>there for 50 years.   He figures they are probably good other wise
>>they would not have been saved all these years.   They can be bought
>>at the scrap yard but I did not ask, HOW MUCH.  I figured they arn't
>>much good being 110 volts 45 amp.   What do you all thing???