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RE: SISG IGBT Timing Resistors

Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


RSG - Rotary Spark Gap
IGBT - Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
SISG - Sidac IGBT Spark Gap

SISG is the idea that Terry Fritz came up with in April/May this year
that replaces the spark gap in a standard Tesla Coil with a solid state
series of circuits constructed from Sidacs and IGBT's.  A number of us
from the list are currently implementing the idea on our coils and

Not sure if we have a universal list of acronyms somewhere.  Someone
else may be able to comment.  There are a lot.  You can search the site
to figure out what most mean.


>Original poster: "vfo" <vformigari@xxxxxxxx>

>May I suggest the publication of a list with the significances of the
>numerouses abbreviations used by you experts, as SISG, IGBT, RSG
>a.s.o.? (I live in Rome, Italy, and am not so familiar with your
language...). VFO. i.e.
>Vittorio Formigari, not Variable Frequency Oscillator...