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Re: documentation needed

Original poster: Bert Hickman <bert.hickman@xxxxxxxxxx>

Tesla list wrote:
Original poster: "CajunCoiler" <cajuncoiler@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Anyone have a copy of the spec sheet for
a Magnetek 725-151-401 NST?
I know the specs, but I need to produce
a PDF file on it for my website, and I
don't want to re-invent the wheel, if
someone has already got it.
-- C.L. Mayeux

Magnetek's lighting business is now called Universal Lighting Technologies, but it's not clear that they still make transformer-based NST's.

However, I do have a copy of Magnetek's 2001 product catalog in PDF format showing this transformer (1.2 MB). Your NST is on page 10 of the catalog... I'll forward the catalog to you directly.