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RE: Phasing

Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


I can give a partial answer on this(I think).  I(and others) have used
the terminology +VAC and -VAC to represent two AC phases 180 deg out of
phase - such as the outputs from a centertapped transformer.  I believe
that +ves and -ves represent the same thng.  These terms were used in
reference to stringing NST's together and clearly must be phased right
or the output from one would negate the output from the other.  Not sure
what "es" is an acronym for.


>Original poster: "Glen McGowan" <glen.mcgowan@xxxxxxxxx>

>Hello All,

>          I've been digging around the list archives for a pretty
>good while now. I noticed the terms "+ves" and "-ves" thrown around
>when talking about phasing NSTs. Could anybody explain what these
>terms mean? Is it an acronym?

>Thanks in advance.