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RE: last call

Original poster: "Carl Cone" <clc555@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hello Mr. Mayeux
  I know nothing about  Tesla coils.Just trying to learn the language
now.Because, I see where I am trying to go with my experiments.I must know
how to build a workable coil and use correct caps.If you would like to
write me.My address is
  I live in Greenville Florida.
  But I can't help you with your coils.Because I know nothing.
  This sight is very helpful.I have learned some of the language they use
and how a coil should work.
   Best regards,Carl

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> Date: 7/9/2006 5:52:40 PM
> Subject: last call
> Original poster: "CajunCoiler" <cajuncoiler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Last call... any other coilers in
> the Panama City, FL area?
> --
> C.L. Mayeux
> cajuncoiler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx