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Re: Mot's in series

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If the secondaries are in series and the connection to the core is left
connected then cores must be isolated from each other

My approach is always to lift the secondary connection to the core and earth
ALL the cores. Others advocate floating the core I think even if the
connection of the secondary has been lifted.

I like to have the core earthed to place it at a low potential to mains
input. I do not want to have the possibility of HV arc to the mains input.

For 4 MOT stacks the approach of earthing the core and putting outer MOT in
oil works without arcing to core but for 6 MOT's and above the outer MOT
(3rd MOT) voltage stress to the core is very high and strategies to spread
the stress across more insulation by floating the core may be necessary.

Ted L in NZ

PS in last post on SISG testing I said 36Hy , should have been 24 Hy

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> When using multiple MOT'S in series is it ok if the cores touch one
> another or should they be separated ?