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Re: SISG Testing

Original poster: tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Observing MOT's and Mark's work

MOT's with shunts intact exhibit quite a large series L equivalent output
inductance due to the leakage inductance effect of the shunts (like NST's)
With a 4 MOT stack that's about 36Hy plus the added inductance transferred
from the primary of any inductive ballasting.

The effect of this L when trying to feed short current pulses in DC designs
is significant and  limits the charging spike into the Capacitors (thru the
FWB in most cases). I believe careful consideration of the effect of that L
needs to occur particularly in DC systems with short pulse currents charging
capacitors. My own interest is using series capacitors in the secondary of
the MOT's to tune out this effect to increase the ability of the MOT stack
to source current into the Tesla Coil.

Bits arrived from the machine shop to permit more experiments soon
Ted L in NZ