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(OT-sorta) SHIPPING - Your Onto Something here....Re: pole xmfrs delivery

Original poster: "Jack King" <ekklekktikk@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Often times, a potential transaction (like say the aquisition of a massive power transformers) are prohibitive simply due to the high cost associated with freight...

I have often thought how great it would be to find a few "angels" like your antiques dealer - or say a nice retired couple with a massive RV and trailer to schlep stuff from point a to b, and for a sensible price...anyone with room in a truck or wagon basically , to haul some stuff for a reasonable fee. ANytime I head out in the pickup to retrieve toys, I try to go loaded both directions and do someone a favor..It would be great to have a forum to network such things.

What I'm driving at here is the possible e-creation of a "ride share" type forum program .... it would make things so much more accessible to a broader audience and avoid $1000 shipping bills for a $300 power supply)...Anyone interested in exploring this further??? Maybe a good idea too - heck, look at that crazy lady from San Jose that created an e-forum to sell PEZ dispensers and what it's grown into (that little business call Ebay)...

Cheers all,


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Subject: Re: pole xmfrs delivery into southern USA
Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 19:15:40 -0600

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

If it's enroute to Shreveport she could do it, or else you may need to drive a bit west. Not sure of the southern route from Chicago.

Dr. Resonance
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Subject: Re: pole xmfrs delivery into southern USA

Original poster: DRIEBEN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I assume that you will still have some pigs
available at the Cheesehead Teslathon? Also, how
close would this antique lady be willing to make
a delivery/stop to Memphis, TN?

David Rieben

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Date: Saturday, July 8, 2006 1:58 pm
Subject: pole xmfrs delivery into southern USA
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> Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Someone find Louisiana wanted a pole pig.  I checked with my
> antique
> lady who would be willing to run as far south as Shreveport, LA,
> with
> a xmfr or two --- if you could meet her at Shreveport with a truck
> we
> could make this delivery --- contact me off-list if interested.
> Also someone in Austin, TX, wanted one.  Contact me off-list to
> work
> out the delivery details.
> Anyone else in this general area who is willing to drive to meet
> her
> along this routing contact me off-list.  The xmfrs are $125 each
> and
> she charges only $80 for delivery to any truck stop along her
> route.  You would have to meet her at the truck stop with a van or
> pickup.  Her next departure is scheduled for first or second week
> of
> August.  She makes runs empty into TX and then returns with a
> truck
> and trailer load of antiques.
> Dr. Resonance