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pole xmfrs delivery into southern USA

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

Someone find Louisiana wanted a pole pig. I checked with my antique lady who would be willing to run as far south as Shreveport, LA, with a xmfr or two --- if you could meet her at Shreveport with a truck we could make this delivery --- contact me off-list if interested.

Also someone in Austin, TX, wanted one. Contact me off-list to work out the delivery details.

Anyone else in this general area who is willing to drive to meet her along this routing contact me off-list. The xmfrs are $125 each and she charges only $80 for delivery to any truck stop along her route. You would have to meet her at the truck stop with a van or pickup. Her next departure is scheduled for first or second week of August. She makes runs empty into TX and then returns with a truck and trailer load of antiques.

Dr. Resonance