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toroid HV terminals for Tesla coils and Van de Graaff generators

Original poster: "Dr. Resonance" <resonance@xxxxxxxxxx>

On Thursday I will be entering a "batch order" for 20 x 5 inch size spun aluminum toroids. These may be used for either Tesla coil toploads, Van de Graaff collector terminals (pulleys may be "sandwiched" between two toroids, Cockkroft-Walton multipliers, or Marx impulse generators.

By entering a batch order we get a 30-40% discount on the per toroid cost --- dependent on the number of terminals ordered. Delivery is typically 4-5 weeks ARO.

If interested, contact me off-list and I will add you to my order count. By Thurs afternoon, depending on number of persons interested, I will enter the order and have a final price. I will need your full mailing address and zipcode to estimate shipping costs.

Dr. Resonance