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Re: Gluing polycarbonate?

Original poster: Vardan <vardan01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Scott,

At 08:46 PM 6/30/2006, you wrote:
Terry -

Forget using the 2-part epoxy unless you plasma-etch or sandblast the areas you want to bond. Very few epoxies will create a reliable long-term bond to polycarbonate unless the surface is specially prepped.

Yes, I did not know if there was any "reasonable" way to glue it. It turns out sort of like trying to glue Teflon I guess (am am sure DOW has a number of highly toxic primers though...) I use G-11 for robots and you can glue that like a rock... But I'll put Lexan in the Teflon gluability category. But the Envirotex stuff sticks fine for that low stress thing (cleaned with 91% iso) ;-))

Since polycarbonate (Lexan, etc) is so sensitive to solvent-induced stress cracking, most adhesives designed specifically for bonding polycarbonate are 2-part reactive systems based on acrylic or urethane resins. Most of the plastics fabrication shops I am familiar with here in So. California use adhesives from IPS Weld-On.

See their line of adhesives specifically designed for compatability with polycarbonate at: http://www.ipscorp.com/industrial/polycarb.html If you want to try any of these, and you can't find them locally, let me know and I can pick some up at the plastics shop I visit every week.

This being said, I'd recommend using mechanical fasteners (nylon screws) for securing your end plate. No matter how you look at it, multiple fasteners will never fail instantly & catastrophically like an adhesive bond can,

Done ;-))


The plates already have full alignment holes for the turntable on the mill, so adding the holes, taping, drilling was like a 20 minute job... I like being able to take it apart in case the connecter comes loose or bugs make a nest inside.

Yes..., I am on of these naughty people that has never used internal baffles too :o)))

and who wants to see their nice Freau toroid with a big ding in the side ....

:o))))  They look like this!!


The dent goes to the "back :-))) Hopefully the shinny coil will distract ones view from it :o)))



Scott Hanson