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Re: Data on IGBT

Original poster: Sparktron01@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Mike
> Hi Guys,
>    I came across some IGBT's
> MG200J2YS1
URL: http://www.galco.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/WA/WCat/itemdtl.r?pnum=MG200J2YS1-TOSJ&mfgr=TOSHIBA
> MG300J1US1
> and
> MSG180L43
URL: http://www.galco.com/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=Galco-Web/WA/WCat/Catalog.htm?listtype=Catalog&search-part=PR00205N11-TOSH
No data sheets (sorry), but apparently MSG180L43 is a thrysitor (SCR)
not an IGBT.  First device (MG200J2YS1) looks like it may be suitable for
a large DRSSTC; hope you have spares, at ~$350 ea. US replacement cost...

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS
Chesterfield, VA.

> I was hoping be able to use them for my coil
> but I can't locate any data sheets.
>    I would appreciate any help locating the info.
>                           Thanks,
>                              Mike