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Fw: Seibt: Visualizing Standing Waves on a Resonator by Corona

Original poster: "Kurt Schraner" <k.schraner@xxxxxxxxxx>

This is the posting, I tried to send yesterday: August 31th 9:31(GMT+1hr)to tesla@xxxxxxxxxx without success:

Kurt Schraner wrote:
Hi Gary, Bart,

trying to find original information about the Seibt-coil by googling,
unfortunately I had no better luck than Bart. I only found out very
limited biographical info about

Dr.Georg Seibt (1874-1934)

Think, I will try digging in some university libraries, in order to
find something.

At ETH Zurich (NEBIS catalogue) I found:

"Universal-Instrumentarium zur Demonstration der Resonanz elektrischer
Schwingungen, elektrischer Wellen in Spulen, der Tesla'schen Versuche
und der Abstimmung in der Marconi-Telegraphie nach Seibt-Ernecke /
[Ferdinand Ernecke]". Berlin:..., [19..], 10 pages; 11 illustrations.

...which probably contains the relevant thoughts of Seibt. If I can
get a copy of it, I'll let you know.

My own seibt-coil was triggered by an old hobby-book for boys:
"Experimente mit Hochfrequenz", series: Spiel und Arbeit, Bd.135,
(1948). Then I've seen (at Bern University) an old realization of the
Seibt experiment, which, I later found out, is exactly the Max-Kohl
AG apparatus, seen on Antonio's site:

http://www.coe.ufrj.br/~acmq/electrostatic.html  (search for Seibt)

...well, the above picture is not at scale!

BTW: a number of photos were taken from this apparatus (unfortunately
not in action), as well as some better pic's of my own coil in
action. Maybe I could send them to Terry for publication on
hotmail.com., 'cause myself, i've exhausted my small webspace, and am
no more able to display my newer toys & experiments?

Best regards